Linear atc cnc router JCUT-r30


Machine Description

1. Structure stability: the whole steel structure is welded together, which is treated by vibration (tempering) aging, and no deformation after long-term use.

2. Taiwan Syntec of high-performance industrial control system, with excellent stable quality, good maintenance, can control the completion of multi-layer 3D processing, fast, smooth 3D processing, carving and cutting.

3. Spindle motor imported from Italy HSD high power air-cooled tool spindle, high precision, low noise, high speed, long life, smooth operation to give full play to the superior performance of the machine.

4. Italy imported original saw drilling a row of drilling combination mechanism, can be a one-time completion of drilling, cutting, carving, hinge slot, keyhole and other complex processes of the production of door panels.

5. Japan Yaskawa servo drive powerful for all kinds of heavy wood cutting and carving.

6. The linear guide adopts imported square linear guide with double row and four rows of ball slide blocks, which can bear heavy load, run smoothly and maintain high stability.

7. The tool changing system adopts international advanced technology, which can exchange the needed tools intelligently. The tool storage capacity can reach 12-16 pieces.

8. Table with international leading vacuum table, bakelite table density, no deformation, high adsorption, strong adsorption of different materials, this machine table with suction plate automatic lifting device is more convenient to have formed wood door lock hole and hinge groove processing.

9.Good software compatibility: Compatible with MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Proe, JDpaint and so on.

Machine Application

Woodworking processing center is designed for high standards, high requirements, high degree of automation and high-end customers, suitable for a variety of solid wood, density board, composite board, hard plastic, artificial marble, acrylic and other materials mass processing.

1. Furniture industry:

Panel furniture, custom furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, headboard, antique furniture and all kinds of panel furniture surface flower carving and keyhole opening process of one-time completion.

2. Decoration industry:

All kinds of decorative murals, screens, decorative patterns, three-dimensional wave board, sound-absorbing board and other decorative carving processing.

3. Semi-finished product processing of industrial equipment accessories:

Deep processing of semi-finished products such as countertops of industrial sewing machines and counter surfaces of electrical appliances.

4. Musical instrument industry:

Guitar head processing, semi-finished guitar processing and a variety of decorative patterns of Musical Instruments surface carving and three-dimensional curved surface production

5. Mold industry:

Precision production of wood mold, lost mold foam, food mold (such as: moon cake mold) and other molds.

6. Handicraft industry:

Craft relief, film carving, craft pendant, automobile ornaments and other arts and crafts carving production.

7. Making architectural models

8. Advertising industry:

Acrylic cutting and carving, acrylic blister model making, and various badges and signs of the sculpture and production.


Working area



9kw + 3.5*2 + band saw blade

spindle speed 


Servo motor 

Leadshine  1500w servo motor 


11kw Hpmont 

Control system 

Taiwan syntec 

Ball screw 

Taiwan 2510 





Travel speed 


Max process speed 


Vacuum pump 

7.5 water pump 


5.5 kw