New design four spindle ATC wood cnc router


Machine Description

1. The price is relatively low: suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories. Even the high-end 12-30 thousand four-process CNC blanking machine is relatively low in price compared to the model with drill bag. It is a good choice for furniture factories with relatively large financial pressure.

2. Door panel cabinet dual-use: From a structural point of view, the four processes belong to the simple tool changer model, which uses four spindles to realize the tool change function by pneumatic switching. The cabinet body can meet the function of cutting and punching, and can also be used for simple door processing.

3. Simple operation: Compared with the row drilling and cutting center, the operation of the four-process cutting machine is relatively simple and easy to learn, and once one main shaft fails, the equipment can also complete the function of cutting and drilling through three main shafts.

Machine Application

1. The process of automatic order removal, optimization, design, cutting, drilling, milling, troughing, automatic cutting and other processes of the cabinet are completed at one time. Four-process blanking machine, four-step blanking machine advantages, CNC blanking machine.

2. Wood door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite door, cabinet door, large area plate plane carving, solid wood carving and milling, panel furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving and other industries.

3. Wooden handicraft processing: clock frames, craft photo frames, thin aluminum plate handicraft carving and carving, electrical countertops, sports equipment. Four-process blanking machine, four-step blanking machine advantages, CNC blanking machine.

4. Electronic product industry: engraving and milling of circuit boards, insulating materials, LED display screens, household appliances (color TVs, washing machines, refrigerators) shells or models.

5. Musical instrument production industry: Carving the three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of musical instruments, such as engraving and milling of large and violin panels and heads.



 Longteng third-generation four-process R4-speed cutting equipment

Technical    Parameters
Working Area(S*Y*Z) 1220*2440*200mm(Support length 2800  customization) 
Spindle speed 0-18000/MIN
Spindle Power GDZ Air Cooling Spindle 6KW*4
Tool Magazine 6KW*4
Motor Leadshine Big Power 1500w servo motor
Control System Import Taiwan LNC MW2200 control system
Vacuum Machine Table Patented design 50MM adsorption caliber, good sealing of PVC pipeconnection, no running board
Adsorption pump Water circulation 7.5KW,( Strong adsorption force, high stability when processing products)
Dust Collector 5.5KW Dust Collector with two bags
Driver Matching servo motor driver
Inverter Four-in-one frequency conversion, pre-start
Tool changing speed Zero second switch
The transmission track Genuine original 25 square gauge
Slider Genuine original 25 slinder
Lead screw TBI original 2510 Lead screw
cable Highly flexible shielded towline cable
Limit Dedicated to the forward and reverse direction of the wood cutting router
rack Original HICK
Electrical components Genuine original Chint
Reducer Genuine original Modoli
cylinder Huadeli (good quality and strong durability)
Empty speed 100000MM/MIN
Maximum working speed 35000MM/MIN
Overall appearance The third generation Longteng patent structure (independent control cabinet)
Bed structure Heavy-duty aging welding bed (five-sided milling drilling accuracy 0.02mm)
Gantry Machining process of synchronous beam bed with thick-walled square tube and steel strip for beam

Column integral casting structure does not deform for a long time

Electric control operation cabinet

Longteng patented cabinet series, fully sealed intelligent operation cabinet


setting method

Automatic tool setting
Positioning Positioning cylinder
Automatic unloading Automatic unloading
Dust removal method Spindle automatic partition type integrated dust removal and secondary dust removal with pusher
Voltage AC380V
Net Weight 2600KG
Gross weight 2700kg
Wooden Box We Provide Standard Export Wooden Box

1 Year

Optional parts Software in CD, Controlling Card (PCI card), Engraving And Cutting Tools, Allen Keys, Wrenches for Collet locknut, Data Wire, Power Line, Brush, Spanner and Clamp. (These tools all free to you)