New design R8 Atc funiture machine


Machine Description

1. This machine use GDZ or HQD brand Air Cooling Spindle. 9kw high power spindle, higher processing efficiency. Using advanced automatic tool change program, faster tool change.

2. Equipped with servo motor, high-precision gear and imported rack drive, which makes the machine run stably, with low noise, fast speed and high positioning accuracy.

3. Heavy-duty aging welding bed (five-sided milling drilling accuracy 0.02mm).

4. Machining process of synchronous beam bed with thick-walled square tube and steel strip for beam. Column integral casting structure does not deform for a long time.

5. High power vacuum pump, strong suction. Patented design 50MM adsorption caliber, good sealing of PVC pipe connection, no running board.

6. Fully automatic tiled horizontal push-down feeding with auxiliary aluminum bar blanking function. Operation is more intelligent and labor-saving.

7. Spindle automatic partition type integrated dust removal and secondary dust removal with pusher. Intelligent processing, more humanized.

8. we use import Hiwin square rail, Nice brand and nice quality. About the transmission, X, Y axis use nice rack drive, Z-axis ball screw drive. High precision of machine parts, strong and durable.

Machine Application

The cabinet door is dual-purpose. For small and medium-sized cabinets and wardrobe processing plants, the output is moderate, and the processing efficiency of the equipment is not too high. This can not only improve equipment utilization, but also avoid the risk of buying equipment at high prices. And the advantage of processing the door panel by yourself is that you can control the processing quality and processing time yourself.

This machine is a special panel furniture engraving machine specially designed by cabinet manufacturers. It is suitable for panel cabinets and other components, cutting, engraving, slotting, drilling, multi-purpose, saving cost, labor and time. , Shoe cabinets, office furniture, custom furniture.


Longteng third generationLinear R8 ATC CNC Router
Working area(S*Y*Z) 1220*2440*200mm((support length 2800 customization)
Speed of spindle 0-24000/MIN
Spindle GDZ air cooling 9KW
Tool magazine Linear 12 tools (support 8-16 tools customization)
Serve motor Leadshine  1500W(2 in 1 driver)
Serve driver Supporting serve motor driver
Inverter 11kw Hpmant
Control System Taiwan syntec 60CA
Transmission track Y axis 30 square
Ball screw TBI 2510 screw
slider Y aixis30 slider
Limit Special for cutting machine
rack HICK
cable High flexible shielded towing chain cable
reducer Motovario
Operate spee 35000MM/MIN
Dust collector Double bag 5.5KW
Vacuum pump Water cycle 7.5KW
Weight 2600KG
Voltage AC380
Machine appearance

Third generation Lonteng patent structure(independent control cabinet)

Bed structure Heavy aging treatment welding bed(five face milling and drilling precision 0.02mm)

Crossbeam thick wall square pipe and steel strip welding synchronous bed machining technology the whole cast structure of the column does not deform for a long time

Computer operation cabinet Longteng patent cabinet series, fully sealed large screen intelligent operation cabinet
z axis components Z axis motor lock function, Z axis motor screw support seat
Vacuum table Patent design 50MM adsorption caliber, PVC pipe connection sealing good, do not run plate
Tool sensor way Auto tool sensor
Feed positioning Double-sided all-package positioning cylinder with aluminum strip
Auto unloading Fully automatic tiled horizontal push blanking belt auxiliary aluminum bar stop function
Dusting method Automatic spindle partitioning integrated dust removal and secondary dust removal.